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The 2024 AI Risk Summit brings together security and risk management executives, AI researchers, policy makers, software developers and other business and government stakeholders to delve into the risks of deploying generative and predictive AI tools in the enterprise, the threat from adversarial use of AI technology and deep fakes, and preparation for the inevitable compliance and regulations from policy makers.

Hosted at the stunning Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, California, this event will host some of the brightest minds in technology and AI and feature keynotes, panel discussions, fireside chats, advanced research, and technical presentations showcasing eye-opening examples of AI in action.

The AI Risk Summit will drive the conversation forward with consequential dialogue and real-world examples that skip past the hype and provide meaningful guidance on risk management in the age of artificial intelligence.

Attendees can expect robust discussions, debates and thought-provoking presentations across various topics including:

Adversarial AI & Deepfakes

The powerful capabilities of artificial intelligence can be exploited for malicious purposes, including the creation of deepfakes, automated cyberattacks, autonomous weapons, and more, raising concerns about national security, privacy, misinformation and brand damage.


Protecting Sensitive Data Flowing Through AI/ML Models

AI systems can be vulnerable to hacking and other cyber threats, which can lead to data breaches, theft of sensitive information, or manipulation of AI systems for malicious purposes.


Regulatory Challenges

The rapid advancement of AI technology poses challenges for regulation and governance. Developing effective policies that protect public interests without stifling innovation is a complex task that requires international cooperation and foresight.


AI Ethical Debates

Facilitated discussions or debates on AI ethics, focusing on real-world implications of AI deployments, like privacy concerns, bias, and decision-making in critical situations.


AI Failures and Perils of AI Gone Rogue

Presentations showcasing instances where AI didn’t work as expected, analyzing the reasons behind these failures, and discussing strategies to mitigate such risks.


Exhibit Area

Attendees will have access to and exhibit area where companies will be showcasing their latest AI technologies and products. Attendees can see firsthand how these tools work and discuss their application.


AI and Data Integration

Sessions on handling and analyzing massive datasets using AI, covering advanced topics like big data architectures, cloud computing in AI and privacy concerns.


Roadmap Planning

Practical guidance on integrating AI into your enterprise risk management, intellection property protection and cybersecurity strategies.


AI for Defense

Presentations and case studies showcasing how AI has been used to mitigate risks, enhance security, or solve complex security challenges.

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